She was a follower

But decided to be a hater

That if I were a youtuber

She would buy fake dislikes

But who am I to be alert

When all I care about

Is that I’m hurt

She didn’t just defame

She made me look like a fool

Only to realise there she left

Tears, and a bloody pool

Of internal bleeding in me

It was like eternal

But to her it felt subtle

She didn’t realise

Ruined friendships she left behind

Only for her to rewind

Thoughts flowed from this follower

In her mind

Then she decided to find

A solution

But for me it was seclusion

Oh what I became

Like a paranoid loner

I felt like

Oh what a dawner

I was sitting from dusk

To be removed from a husk

Of my past

Was like impossible

I looked back

And said I need to hack

And so I went into the shack

Of imagination and found my sole

Answer to all questions



Blown up illusions

Turned to factual




It felt good

The journey of destiny

Was nothing compared to this journey

Oh it was like harmony

The only answer I got from the

Creator of this problem

Was “sorry I could not mend

what I broke”


In the face felt good towards her

And in the end

All I could do was to treat myself

The sole choice left

Only life would understand

What I did and why I did it

I gave her the shock of life

And life told her don’t wake up

Till you see her successful

And that’s exactly what happened

She lay there in a comma

Like a real pause

Everybody froze

Only I understood

Her body went into the unconscious


It felt good

But I realised my forgiveness

Would only help if she was awake

And there I laid like a shake

In a lake

Of a hundred emotions

Swimming in my mind

I said

“I forgive you”

And there she laid awake

It was like take and give

I gave up my life and told her

“Take my heart”


Great legacy

Like an intimacy..


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