The Wait

The wait is too long,

I feel like rejection is the only,

One and lonely sticker to stick with with,

To share a bonding of self esteem ,

To rejuvenate your life from,

A six feet grave

To a massive rave

Oh wow!

People are still not aware of the charity my team members and I give to Myanmar refugees in Malaysia

Where I am currently situated and studying

Don’t worry Kenya..

the land I come from,

I proud to be Kenyan.. But

Not proud when it comes to a cuppa coffee with me…

Have a great day guys! This ain’t no poem or article, just a brief draft on what I’m going to do with collaborators! Stay blessed.. And take care


She was a follower

But decided to be a hater

That if I were a youtuber

She would buy fake dislikes

But who am I to be alert

When all I care about

Is that I’m hurt

She didn’t just defame

She made me look like a fool

Only to realise there she left

Tears, and a bloody pool

Of internal bleeding in me

It was like eternal

But to her it felt subtle

She didn’t realise

Ruined friendships she left behind

Only for her to rewind

Thoughts flowed from this follower

In her mind

Then she decided to find

A solution

But for me it was seclusion

Oh what I became

Like a paranoid loner

I felt like

Oh what a dawner

I was sitting from dusk

To be removed from a husk

Of my past

Was like impossible

I looked back

And said I need to hack

And so I went into the shack

Of imagination and found my sole

Answer to all questions



Blown up illusions

Turned to factual




It felt good

The journey of destiny

Was nothing compared to this journey

Oh it was like harmony

The only answer I got from the

Creator of this problem

Was “sorry I could not mend

what I broke”


In the face felt good towards her

And in the end

All I could do was to treat myself

The sole choice left

Only life would understand

What I did and why I did it

I gave her the shock of life

And life told her don’t wake up

Till you see her successful

And that’s exactly what happened

She lay there in a comma

Like a real pause

Everybody froze

Only I understood

Her body went into the unconscious


It felt good

But I realised my forgiveness

Would only help if she was awake

And there I laid like a shake

In a lake

Of a hundred emotions

Swimming in my mind

I said

“I forgive you”

And there she laid awake

It was like take and give

I gave up my life and told her

“Take my heart”


Great legacy

Like an intimacy..

The awaitened day…

There she comes

The awaitened day

The day many yearn

Only to learn

It was like the day of reckon

like a track on

Bare ground that left a mark

The day that her missing slipper

Felt like all along a helpless

Heart ripper

The day her veil

Felt like it was never going to bail

But all things changed

When her necklace felt no longer


To the neck that dreamt a kiss

Which was just a mere hiss

Lost in the air

The pearls of her bracelet

Were nothing but broken

Into a worthless scatter

Of pounding that sounded

Like a batter

that had crackes

That rose from the heart

Oh what an art

Right into the soul

Others would gossip foul

The day not only her name

Was tarnished

But her life felt vanished

She sat on a chair

Only to understand she was no longer

The heir

Her rivals were behind all of this


Bad news

Bad news it was

Soul mate died in a car crash

Only for her to realise there was

A feeling of trash

A feeling of a stitch

That didn’t even move a little

From the pitch

Of a sound mind

Oh one of a kind

It was so hideous

The scene of a mindless bride

Sitting down like a peasant

With no present

Or future

Reincarnation of love

Black and white

I sit there wondering,

What is black?

What is white?

Then it reassembles memories in me

The memories that I can recall

Oh how absurd

All I remember is a vision of betrayal

Not at all a portrayal

Of anything that justifies

What is black?

What is white?

What is black?

What is white?

I then move the pages of memories

To a sad moment that triggered

the subconscious

To a happy moment that turned the


Miraculously to reincarnate

Then the answer runs

To my brain as I chuckle

And unbuckle

The sad memories

The answer to my question all this time is

“Love is blind”

“Love is unseen”

“Love can get to your mind”

“Love can be just”

“But love is not lust”

But as I remember the memory thrust

Inside of me

All the emptiness is filled with


And then I realise that all aspects

Of love are just the same with




What is black?

I repeat

What is white?

I repeat

The answer is

“Love is blind”

“Love is unseen”

“Love can get to your mind”

“Love can be just”

“But love is not lust”

Then I feel the half empty soul of mine

Fill the other half with deadly love

I have been longing for

Oh how I want to lie it is not what I wore

All along I was blind

Left by what defined

The subconscious mind

To believe love and the accountability

That it must serve

And the itch on the nerve

Tell me again

I don’t have to bargain




This article is based on the questions that many of you have asked me. I would love to share my experience on anxiety as I believe I am one of the victims.


When I first found out I have bipolar, I was very reluctant to the fact that I have it. But with time I told myself that nobody is perfect and this is one the few things that chose to come into my life,so I might as well accept it and live with it. It was very hard to accept as growing up in a very competitive society, I thought to myself what is life? With something that just decided to bump into my life all of a sudden. But all it takes is to accept,and once you do that you will realize nothing can beat your confidence and the battle that you’re fighting, Victory showers you, as all it takes is acceptance.


This I believe is the most intriguing part of this article.My experience from when I got to know I have bipolar is like a person clinging onto a train.The experience won’t leave you, as it leaves a mark behind your life. As I embarked onto my “new” life,I understood most of things that people around me, were trying to make me aware of.I was so depressed for months before I accepted that I had to live with bipolar,but then things changed I would walk around into gatherings and people would ask me questions like why am I so quiet? Why am I not as entertaining as I used to be, before? I would die to give them the answer as to how I was feeling those times and why I was appearing to be that quiet introvert.But things just took a twist in my life and I moved on from being that depressed person, as I told myself one morning, “you know what,I am going to spend my day well today and everyday, from now on.”Those were the literal words that I told myself and I remember that day because,it is the day that I chose to be me, I chose to do what I wanted to do in the right way without anybody criticizing me for who I was, and without anybody telling me what to do in my life.I took a stand and said this is my life, and only I have the right to do what I think is right in my life. People would show faces to me and I would just look forward and say to myself,”all of you will regret one day how you underestimated me”but not everyone was a critic,there were some who made a great impact on my life that I shall never forget them.

Good things also happen

I believe good things also happen to you, when you go through a mental disorder, not everything you witness, is a bad thing. Good things like people mistake you for being humble when you are actually struggling to tell them you are humble but not all the time. You also gain a good reputation as you are on the low so people get to know you as ‘that quiet girl’but in the end you become who you are.

All in all I believe you learn new things throughout the test and have trust in yourself that you can do it. You can be a better person even you have it for a lifetime.